Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update Announced.

Google announced the Penguin 2016 Update via the Google Webmaster Blog.

We met the Google Penguin Algorithm in 2012 and watched it destroy SPAM content sites.

The Google Penguin Algorithm, which brought the end of SPAM sites, was most useful for site owners who kept their content original and produced useful content for their readers, and Google officially declared its war with SPAM.

This week, it was announced on the Google Webmaster Blog that the Penguin Algorithm has been updated!

Google Penguin has been shaking the sites for the last six months and the expected announcement was made via Webmaster Blog.

The year is 2016 and Google Penguin Algorithm is now much smarter, much more meticulous and much faster.
This is how we learnt the reason for the last 6-month fluctuation in Google rankings.
So, what kind of update was made on the Google Penguin Algorithm, what has changed?

Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin is now Core Algorithm and works in real time!

This means that the changes and work on websites will be monitored instantly, so even if your website’s score is very good, it will be under control.

Everything from the links received for your site to the quality of the content you enter will be checked instantly, and if you are within the Penguin axis, all the changes you make will instantly affect the ranking of your site.

Google Penguin, which works in real time, is now with us and its effect on Google ranking will continue. Google Penguin Update seems to show its effect primarily on domain name, categories, pages and even word groups.

The most important changes coming with Google Penguin Update

1- Penguin Algorithm will now be with us as the Core Algorithm.
2- Useful changes made to your site will have a much earlier effect on changing your place in the ranking.
3- SPAM sites will not be completely removed from the index and will be marked and penalised as SPAM.

SPAM sites will not be completely removed from Google, but they will not be able to gain a place in Google rankings unless improvements are made to the sites.

Google updates will continue for an original and spam-free internet. In order not to be affected by these updates, we should enter our content much cleaner and original, and take more meticulous, meticulous and careful steps in off-site SEO work.

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